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About Us

Our Story

Medart Institute is a multidisciplinary medical center located in the Chicago-land area. The Institute was created based on the medical knowledge and experience of our doctors in collaboration with best domestic and international specialists. Providing extensive, multidisciplinary and individualized patient care is the overarching goal of the Medart Institute.  Medart Institute organizational structure includes two locations: in Chicago and Buffalo Grove. Both facilities use innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods including advanced medical and aesthetic equipment. Adding skills and the experience of a comprehensive team places Medart Institute apart from other private medical clinics. The individualized approach to each patient as well as constant staff development of the professional qualifications guarantee the highest level of medical care.  We perform diagnostics tests and comprehensive treatment for patients with various medical conditions. In our rehabilitation Department highly qualified therapists create a personalized therapy plan for each patient with acute and chronic diseases or injuries.  The center offers comprehensive care which meets patient’s individual needs in the field of aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. Its mission is to prevent changes that appear as a result of aging and to keep the body in excellent health. Highly trained team of doctors help to develop an individual and personalized plan to maintain the skin and body in the best form, prevent the aging processes, and correct imperfections in a safe way.  At our clinic we speak various languages, we respect cultural differences, and our doctors devote as much time to the patients as is needed. ​Modern medical equipment reduces excessive hair, vascular changes, discoloration quickly and effectively.

Our trained medical professional staff includes years of combined experience. You can be sure that your health and beauty are our utmost priority.

Our Core Values


We focus on the body and mind holistic approach. Taking into account all aspects of your lifestyle.



We are on a mission to improve healthcare and access to beauty care for all out patients with our revolutionary thinking, techniques and products we offer.



Committed to patient-centered innovation, accessibility, and excellence in healthcare and beauty care

Our Team

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